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Jade Abbey

I'm Jade Abbey, a coach, speaker, women’s event facilitator and a proud mama of one beautiful, free spirited queen! Health and wellbeing has always held a special place in my heart! Whether it's tucking into a creamy smoothie bowl in the morning, being immersed in meditation, reading my favourite self-help book or doing some yoga by the water, this is what I live for! And it is this, putting my own mental and physical wellbeing first that has allowed me to get through this wild but beautiful roller coaster journey of motherhood.


Becoming a new mummy has not been an easy run, by far! And I know all you mama’s out there will hear me when I say finding “balance” in motherhood can sometimes seem like this impossible task that will never be achieved!


One thing I eventually came to terms with is that you can’t “balance” EVERYTHING, for me it’s really been about embracing my beautiful chaotic life while becoming clear on what things need to be made a priority. One of those priorities was ME and it was in this realisation that as a mother I began to shine, I found me again. I was able to be the empowered mother I always desired to be while continuing to grow and bloom outside of motherhood.


Now, my purpose and passion is now to share that journey and be that guiding light for women to regain their power back and unlock their greatness!


Nourish by Her is the community platform I've created for queens to gather as a collective to empower,inspire and thrive!


Through the Nourish by Her events and online community my mission is to create empowering spaces that invite women to connect deeply, share wisdom and awaken to their greatness!

The ever-growing, Self Love Brunch event, has brought countless women together to step into their true power and radiance. A day filled with fun, soulful conversation, meeting like-minded women and talks from industry expert queens!

Jade xo

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