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The Magic Powder for Optimal Gut Health!


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Constantly struggling with a poor digestive system? Low energy levels? Sickness?


Well in this weeks addition of her of the week we are joined with the beautiful Daina from Pono Probiotics who reveals the secret to waving goodbye to those horrid nasties and saying hello to a happy, healthy future bod!! 

Tell us a bit about her behind PONO Probiotics?


I am a mum of two, Maija 5 and Sands 3 and I am married to my best friend Dan. We are originally from the Adelaide Hills, however relocated to Brisbane in 2016 for my husband’s work.

I have worked much of my life as a Radio Sales executive but always like the idea of a “side hustle”.  So, for 4 years I was also a marriage celebrant.  I am a bit of a romantic and love “love”, so absolutely loved marrying gorgeous couples on the weekends.  However, the weekend weddings on top of my full-time job and mum life, was a little too much to handle so was de-registered as a celebrant in 2016. I always knew there would be a new “side hustle” in the future, and this time I was lucky to successfully create PONO Probiotics and for it to become my full-time job within a year of launching. 


What is your inspiration behind PONO Probiotics?


It was in 2016 when I experienced firsthand the benefits of probiotics. I had relocated my family from South Australia to Queensland and in the process, introduced my two children to a new childcare, new climate and new illnesses.

After a few months of settling in and my kids catching everything under the sun, my youngest son ended up in intensive care with a respiratory infection. After a 24 hour stay, I began to look at the possibility that there may be a further underlying issue with his immune system.  I learned and researched the importance of gut health for everyone, and particularly for our little ones. This is what lead me to the creation of PONO Probiotics. I noticed a gap in the market for fun family friendly probiotics that are a powder format and taste delicious, making them an easy addition to your daily routine. 



What’s does “PONO” stand for?


My family and I have always had an obsession with Hawaii.  There is just something so spiritual and magical about Hawaii, so I felt the name of our product needed to have some sort of Hawaiian feel – hence the palm trees and the name PONO.   

PONO is an ancient Hawaiian word that means rightness, correctness, alignment, goodness, excellence and well-being. These are things that we hope for in life for ourselves, our families and also our guts! 


What sparked your passion for gut health?


We have always enjoyed living a healthy lifestyle, however as I mentioned it wasn’t until my son Sands fell quite ill and I researched the benefits of probiotics and the gut microbiome that I became so passionate about gut health.


What are the benefits from taking probiotics daily and having optimal gut health?


Up to 80 percent of our immune system is found in the gut, so it’s extremely important to look after our gut by feeding it with good bacteria.  By having a healthy gut, you will improve your sleep, increase your energy, reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen your immune system, improve digestion and have healthier hair, skin and nails.


What’s your favourite way to use PONO Probiotics?


My favourite way is either in a smoothie or else I actually love mixing the Coconut Probiotic powder into natural coconut yoghurt, I then either mix in some berries and nuts for a treat or pop that mixture on my overnight oats or a chia pudding!  Delicious. 


What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself and your family since using probiotics daily?


PONO is an ancient Hawaiian word that means rightness, correctness, alignment, goodness, excellence and well-being. These are things that we hope for in life for ourselves, our families and also our guts! 


 Do you have a daily health ritual/s and if so what are they?


I live a relatively healthy lifestyle.  I enjoy exercise, I eat a healthy and balanced diet, drink plenty of water and I ensure I get 7 hours sleep each night or else I am not operating at my best the next day.

The two rituals I guess for me is my morning routine.  I love going for a run, I feel it is my meditation – it clears my mind and sets me up for the day and I then enjoy my breakfast – so a smoothie, overnight oats or a chia pudding with my PONO of course!


Is PONO Probiotics suitable for children? How do your children like to take theirs?


Absolutely - PONO Probiotics was created to cater for the whole family.  We have our Baby Probiotic powder suitable for newborns up to 7 years, and then all other products are suitable from ages 2 up to adult.  

My kids love eating the Coconut or Coconut straight off the spoon, they think of it as a treat.  They also love a smoothie each morning, we always have fun experimenting with different recipes.  My daughter also loves our tummy tonic, she calls is her “special water” and will have a glass of it each day.


What are your top 3 must have things/products when on the go?


Hhhhmmm well the first would have to be my PONO. The second would have to be my mobile phone – I work off my phone so much these days that I couldn’t live without it. Thirdly would be my runners – running is my daily mediation.



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Enjoy lovelies! 


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