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The Clean Lean Queen!


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Want to know how you can get your choc fix in a superfood mix!? How to create simple, easy to make chocolatey recipes without all the added nasties and refined sugars?


Well in this weeks addition of her of the week we are joined with the amazing Sabria from Sabria's Healthy Kitchen who reveals her secrets to eating healthy on a budget, how to become a meal prep queen and of course more about her delicious Clean Lean Choc Superfood Mix!


Tell us a bit about her behind Sabria'a Healthy Kitchen?


Hi lovelies! I'm Sabria, the face behind Sabria's Healthy Kitchen! I’ve always been a total health foodie, since as far back as I can remember I've always loved creating healthy recipes! Its always been my dream to inspire people to make healthy choices, get creative & learn that healthy food can taste delicious!


For many years I received questions seeking advice, ideas, recipes and inspiration so I decided to share all my healthy food knowledge and passion via my social media platforms. The feedback I received from this was great! And the interest I got on the healthy chocolate mix I ate daily was HUGE...Which brought on the idea of Clean Lean Choc Superfood Mix!


What is Clean Lean Choc Superfood Mix?


Clean Lean Choc Superfood Mix is an extremely versatile choc superfood mix that can be used in endless ways to create healthy delicious treats to suit all tastebuds. I have a large variety of Clean Lean Choc recipes on my website ranging from bliss balls, smoothies, nice cream, healthy pancakes and more!


What’s your favourite way to use Clean Lean Choc Superfood Mix?


Oh gosh! I have so many! I love it sprinkled onto yogurt with frozen fruit and granola or on rice cakes and toast with peanut butter, banana and honey! Delicious! I also love it stirred into my porridge and added into my morning smoothies! But wait I also love it in bliss balls, baking, raw treats and healthy pancakes! As you can see I really don't have one favourite! Haha!


When did you start creating your own recipes?


I remember being just 5 years old and all I wanted to do was get stuck into baking! I have this funny childhood memory of always baking cakes for my neighbours cat (poor cat, lets just say the cakes were made with everything & anything back then) haha! And that passion for baking and creating recipes has stuck with me ever since!


What’s your top tips for eating healthy on a budget?


My biggest tip would be to shop around, compare prices and stock up on healthy foods while there on sale! You'll be surprised on how much you can save. I literally have a whole cupboard filled with coconut water, almond milk, nuts, seeds, quinoa , peanut butter and more that I’ve bought while on half price sales.


I also love visiting the local farmers markets because often they will reduce things like overripe bananas where you can sometimes get a whole box for $5! I find them perfect for freezing and blitzing into smoothies when I need it! And lastly tinned beans! I don't think they get enough credit, I add them to everything! They are packed full of fibre, protein and healthy carbs and are super cheap!


What are you 3 of your favourite must have items/products at the moment?

1. Paw Paw ointment, I'm obsessed with this stuff!


2. Coconut oil! I’m not big on expensive cosmetic products I’m just a total coconut oil lover! I love using it on my hair, skin, face and cooking.


3. And of course my Clean Lean Choc Superfood Mix! AKA my saviour for sweet cravings and it’s just so versatile I love that I can add it to literally everything! 


What your favourite way to keep your body active? Do you have any hobbies outside of your business?


I LOVE morning sunrise walks! We are so blessed to live walking distance to the beach, so for me treating myself would be a morning beach walk. I used to do this every morning but now that I’m go, go, go from the second I wake up I can only fit in 1-2 morning walks a week. My husband and I also love going on picnics, hikes and adventures. We have so many incredible waterfalls, hiking tracks, islands and beaches where we live so whenever we get a free moment we love to be outdoors in the sunshine! 


You are renowned as the meal prep queen! Do you have any tips for others looking to get better at meal prepping and planning meals for the week?


I usually do my food prep on a Sunday after going to the local farmers market. I pre chop and prep all my fruit & veggies and keep them in airtight containers with paper towels in the fridge to keep them fresh all week. Having everything pre chopped makes life a lot easier for weekday dinners when time is scarce. I also find having frozen fruits ready for smoothies is my go to! I do up big batches of pasta sauces, curries, casseroles, quiches, healthy muffins, cakes, bliss balls etc and freeze in portions. On a Sunday I will always make up a few Clean Lean recipes whether it be coconut rough, mousse, or yogurt and granola pots to have ready for during the week when I’m craving something sweet! Which let’s be honest is all the time! I find having Clean Lean treats prepped and ready makes it so much easier to grab a healthy guilt-free satisfying treat when I need it.


Where do you hope to see yourself and Sabria’s Healthy Kitchen in the next 5 years?


I would absolutely love to see my Clean Lean Choc Superfood Mix filling the shelves of more stores, collaborating with many more like minded people, businesses and cafes as well as continuing to help and inspire more people to live a healthier, happier life filled with lots of Clean Lean Choc Superfood Mix of course! 

So there you have it lovelies! Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring and you can create healthy recipes while hitting that chocolatey sweet tooth at the same time! Thank you to the amazing Sabria for these fab tips! Want to try out some of these delicious clean lean recipes for yourself? 




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Follow Sabria's Healthy Kitchen on Instagram @sabriashealthykitchen


Enjoy lovelies! 



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