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How to make the gluten-free life easy and delicious!


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Have you been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and want to know how you can up your gluten-free game and get super creative in the kitchen?!

Well in this weeks edition of her of the week we are joined with the beautiful Tuulia from @tuuliatalvio who explains after being diagnosed with Celiac disease and suffering from past skin problems, how focusing on nutrition and her wellbeing has positively changed her life! Tuulia creator of the Tuulia blog, filled with homemade gluten-free baking, healthy recipes and amazing wellness tips, now shares her advice and inspiration with others. Today she gives us an insight into her daily health rituals, self care practices, ways she keeps active as a new mummy and so much more!



Tell us a bit about her behind @tuuliatalvio?


Hi there! So my name is Tuulia and I live in Helsinki (the capital of Finland) with my husband and our beautiful 3 month old baby boy and I've just recently celebrated my 28th birthday!


I’ve been an entrepreneur for about three years now, but my background is actually in work psychology and media studies, as I have a Master of Science in my back pocket. People don’t often know that about me, so it’s fun when I tell them that I’ve actually studied a lot of nerdy stuff! I‘ve always felt that the things I’ve studied and the jobs I’ve had in the past have led me to this path of entrepreneurship.


What is your inspiration behind the Tuulia blog?


While living abroad as an exchange student, I came up with the idea of starting writing my own blog as at that time blogs were popping up more and more. I just thought it would be nice to have a place where I could share all the things I love and have found useful with others. So my blog really just started from the idea of sharing tips and inspiration to friends and family, which with time gradually grew. It's still my mission with everything I do to inspire and share useful tips and ideas to help others!



What sparked your passion for nutrition and wellbeing?


Since as far back as I can remember I’ve always been very interested in food and cooking! I used love reading lots of different food and lifestyle magazines. When I started my studies at the university, I got really into nutrition and superfoods, as I was suffering from skin and stomach issues and was down with the flu a lot. So I wanted to see if proper nutrition could help me feel better and more energized and after some time it really did. But at the same time, wellbeing is so much more than food and at least for me feeling good means getting enough rest, exercising, eating well and having fun in life!


When did you first discover you were celiac? How have you found shifting to a gluten-free based diet and do you have any tips and advice for other celiac’s new to the transition?


I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2011. Before getting the diagnose, I’d already read a lot about gluten-free grains, recipes and trialled a bunch of them out. My sister had also been diagnosed  with it a couple years prior to me, so it wasn’t such a radical change for me. However, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t miss rye bread, licorice and the classic Finnish cinnamon bun every now and then (cinnamon buns were my absolute favourite!) although now gluten intolerance is becoming more and more common, luckily there are now a wider variety of gluten-free options in restaurants, cafes and food shops.


If you’ve just been diagnosed, I’d just encourage you to get in to the kitchen and start baking! Gluten-free baking really isn’t that difficult once you get into it and homemade baking is a nice way to treat yourself! 😊



What’s your favourite way to keep active?


I love yoga, swimming and aquajogging, dancing, and power walks in the nature. I get easily excited about new ways of moving and love to try new things!


I started going to piloxing classes when I was pregnant and really loved it! I plan to continue with it soon. Lately I’ve been doing the post-pregancy workouts from the Sweat App as they’re only 28 minutes and I can do them at home while my baby naps!


Do you have a daily health ritual/s and if so what are they?


I always drink a big glass of room temperature water first thing in the morning and take my probiotics. I used to do a daily meditation and some gentle stretches after that, but now with a baby attached to me most of the day that habit has been long gone. But I miss it so much as it really gave me a great boost to my day! So now I try to have a little moment just for myself whenever I can and I like to do some simple stretches in the evening before going to bed.


What’s one of your favourite, go-to recipes at the moment?


I’ve been making overnight oats A LOT during the summer as they’re so easy to prep and can be enjoyed with all the fresh summer fruits and berries that are in season right now...so delicious! Other than that, I’m all for smoothies and I usually drink one or two per day. Oh! And I seriously couldn’t live without my morning matcha! 💚




You have recently entered the world of motherhood! As you know it can be challenging adapting to this new role while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What are your top tips for maintaining your health and wellbeing as a mummy?


It really is pretty challenging! I’ve been trying to simplify our life a lot: we batch-cook food so that I always have something in the fridge to eat during the day, we have groceries delivered at home, I purchase things online instead of dragging myself to the stores, etc. All of this saves a lot of time for doing other things during the day.


I think you should also ask for help as much as possible as people love to help out. But I know it can be tough and I’m still learning it as well! But getting even a small time slot just for yourself makes all the difference!


What are your top 3 favourite products/items at the moment?

1. My Kindle App for my iPad - it makes reading possible and so much easier while breastfeeding! 

2. The ZenSense diffuser - I used it throughout my pregnancy (essential lemon oil was a lifesaver for my nausea) and now I’ve been using essential lavender oil, which makes our bedroom feel like a sanctuary. It also brings moisture to the air, which is great!

3. Instax Camera - we’ve been snapping photos of our baby boy and friends a lot this summer and it’s so cool to have the photos instantly, as I never come to developing my digital photos even though I always intend to.


As you know, nourishing our bodies and living a healthy lifestyle is more than just the food we eat. Do you have any practices related to gratitude, mindfulness or self-love and if so what are they?


I’ve been working on this to bring more mindfulness into my daily life and actually try to practice it in a lot of things I do on the daily basis. For me, it means focusing on one thing at a time, being gracious to myself, and not demanding so much from myself. Even when it’s been one of those hard days, I try to acknowledge the things I’ve managed to do and pat myself on the back for that! 😊



Takeaway #1: Wellbeing is so much more than food, it's about making time for you, keeping active, balanced eating and having fun in life!


Takeaway #2: A gluten-free based diet doesn't have to be difficult or tasteless, it's actually delicious so get yourself into the kitchen and start experimenting!


Takeaway #3: Be kind to yourself - try focusing on one thing at a time, be gracious and don't over demand from yourself and during those tough days, try to acknowledge and praise yourself for all the things you have accomplished!



Thank you Tuulia for taking the time to share all this amazingly valuable information and advice! For more healthy living inspiration, wellness advice and delicious, homemade recipes follow Tuulia on Instagram @tuuliatalvio or check out her incredible blog Tuulia


Get your FREE Good Morning with Tuulia eBook here includes 18 delicious breakfast recipes all gluten, dairy and refined sugar free!


Enjoy lovelies! 




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