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The Ultimate Tea Lifestyle: with Guaranteed Results!


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If you've tried endless fad diets and overrated health products in the aim to living a healthier lifestyle with no substantial results. It's time to stop. Here's a 100% natural 'lifestyle' that has produced outstanding results to endless women and celebs around the world!

In this weeks edition of her of the week we are joined with the beautiful Adi Arezzini, Co-Founder and CEO of Teami. A company that helps people live happier, healthy lives with their collection of natural, tea infused products ranging from tea blends to skin-care! Adi gives us an insight into the Teami products and their wonderful benefits, how she became the #bossbabe she is now and advice on building a successful business, as well as an insight into her daily rituals and so much more!


 Tell us a bit about her behind Teami?


Well, I was born in Israel and moved with my family to Florida when I was 6 years old. I learned English pretty quickly, the younger you are the faster you learn a new language, and I got accustomed to the American culture. I started working at age 9 babysitting and doing anything I could do to earn money. I enjoyed being able to be in control of my own income, since my family was not wealthy or comfortable. As I grew up, I found a love for fitness and all things wellness…it became a true passion of mine to help others feel better and live healthier lifestyles!


What sparked the beginning of Teami and what was your inspiration?


Honestly, it stemmed from a personal problem. When I was in the army I started having digestive issues…meaning…my digestion just didn’t work. I was only going to the bathroom once a week….and I had to drink coffee in order for that to happen. I became addicted to coffee…but that stopped working too. I looked like I had a pregnant belly and there was nothing I could do to make it go away. I changed my diet, I exercised, but I was still extremely and painfully bloated. When I finished my service I started researching what the CAUSE of my digestive issues could be. That is when I realized I was full of toxins! I then made it my mission to be able to create and provide high quality, natural products that can assist with those type of health problems.



What’s your top 3 favourite Teami blends at the moment and what are there benefits?


1. Teami Matcha - burns calories, full of antioxidants, raises energy and improves mental clarity


2. Teami Skinny - helps boost metabolism, raise energy and suppress cravings


3. Teami Colon - gets rid of toxins, reduces bloating, improves skin and promotes natural weight loss 


Your renowned for following a healthy, nutritious diet and you’ve just released a detox recipe Ebook! What’s one of your fav, go-to recipes at the moment?


Yes we have, alongside our Teami Summer Detox Challenge! It's filled with so many delicious recipes but I have to say I LOVE our Acai Berry Bowl and our celery snack sticks! 



Outside of eating a nutritious diet most of us know skincare plays a huge role in glowing skin! Do you have a skincare routine you like to follow and what are some of your favourite products?


Yes! I always wash my face, morning and night. As far as keeping my skin hydrated, I use our Teami Repair oil in the morning and the Teami Soothe oil at night before bed. My skin gets so soft from our tea infused oils and it is a perfect base for my makeup! If I’m ever breaking out, I use our Teami Green Tea Face Scrub to exfoliate and then the Teami Green Tea Detox Mask to get rid of impurities! 


You’ve recently just launched a Teami blend specifically designed for all the breastfeeding mamas out there! Teami Nursing...what are the main benefits?


That’s right! It’s a blend I am super excited about! The ingredients in our nursing tea blend help naturally promote lactation. Ingredients like fennel, raspberry leaf and fenugreek help a breastfeeding mothers milk supply increase naturally! I am excited to help moms that struggle with milk supply to produce it….as well as moms that have a healthy milk supply, but just want to keep it going! 



You’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with and supporting numerous other #bossbabes through Teami, including your recent collaboration with the one and only Kylie Jenner! What would be your top tips and advice for other women out their looking to start their own business and what have you learnt along the way?


Be PERSISTENT! Owning a business takes time, effort, sacrifice and dedication. The most important thing is to do something that has real purpose. Purpose is what will light the fire to your motivation and to keep going when you’ve hit a wall or feel like you’ve failed. The last piece of advice I would like to add is to find business owners in your area that you trust and respect. Ask them for help and use them as mentors! 


What’s your favourite way to keep active?


Any kind of working out! I enjoy spin classes, barre classes and crossfit! I love love love group classes because you feel so uplifted when you leave! 



What are your top 3 must have things/products when on the go?


Definitely Teami Skinny in my Teami Tumbler! 😊 I take it with me everywhere I go, you seriously can’t catch me without it! 


Where do you hope to see your team and Teami in the next 5 years?


SO MANY DREAMS! I would love to continue to expand our product line, more blends, more skincare, more wellness products such as powders and so on. I want to help as many people as possible. In order to do that, we just have to keep promoting and exposing people to the possibility of living healthier lives with our tea infused products! I would love our products to be in Target, Sephora and even Macy’s!  There are a lot of trade shows in our future too, so you can definitely expect that! I would also love to get more involved in charity’s that aline with our Teami mission and help give back to the community. I am soooo excited to help more people and expand our Communitea! 😊


Takeaway #1: If your dealing with severe digestive issues, take a closer look inside! A lot of the time it can be due to a large build up of toxins in your system! 


Takeaway #2: A good quality skin-care routine as well as a healthy, nutritious diet is key to glowing, youthful skin! How do you care for your skin at the moment? 


Takeaway #3: Trying to build a successful business? Persistence is KEY! It takes time, effort and dedication so identify the business's real purpose and use that to light your fire!


Thank you Adi for taking the time to share all this amazingly valuable information and advice! Make sure to follow the Teami journey on Instagram @teamiblends 




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Enjoy lovelies! 


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