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The Power of Ayurveda: Unlock your Optimal Balance!


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Have you been hearing the word Ayurveda popping up recently and wondering what all the 'hype' is about? Well funnily enough this 'hype' developed in India has actually been around for thousands of years way before modern medicine and health products!


Ayurveda has continued to be one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems out there however only recently, has it started to make it's way into mainstream society. People are now becoming more aware of these ancient techniques and there ability to help people stay vibrant and healthy while realizing their full human potential!

In this weeks edition of her of the week we are joined with the beautiful Jema Krause, Nutritional Educator, Wellness and Ayurveda Coach with over 11 years experience in the health industry. Through her coaching platform Wellsome she teaches people the unique art of how to tune in and listen to their bodies to create radiant health and a balanced thriving lifestyle! Jema gives us an insight into her passion for Ancestral and Ayurvedic health and it's incredible benefits, what lead her to live by these principles and teach others, as well as an insight into her daily rituals and so much more!



Tell us a bit about ‘her’ behind @wellsome_jemalee?


Hey!  I’m Jema - Nutritional Educator, Wellness & Ayurveda Coach. I’m a nature loving, yoga moving, sea floating, health nutter. I’ve been in the health industry for 11 years this year,  I’ve always loved learning about food and health, but even more dominantly helping others.


I believe that health shouldn’t have to be complicated, confronting or expensive. When you live in tune with your body, connected with her and know what she’s craving you can achieve your own health balance - and do so without restrictions. My mission every year is to serve, support and guide as many women as possible to reconnecting with their bodies so they no longer have to feel uncomfortable or lost in their own bodies.


Who are your biggest influencers? Who or what inspired you to create Wellsome?


Great question, having been in business for over 5 years when I first started there wasn’t a lot of other health businesses around aside from practitioners such as acupuncture, naturopaths, physiotherapists etc. The person who inspired me to create Wellsome was actually a friend from school who at the time needed help with her health and she reached out to me knowing that I knew a lot on the topic. After helping her for a few weeks she showed me a passion I had for helping others in this way that I had not noticed before.  The rest was history, after a few nudges that is!



What’s your favourite health and wellness books and/or podcasts at the moment?


The last few years I’ve spent a lot of time delving into womb health and the book I’m loving at the moment is Womb Wisdom - been through it a couple of times and always delving out more great gems.


How do you structure your days and do you have a daily health ritual/s?


Every day looks completely different when living in tune with your cycle (menstrual cycle), so this can mean that the way I move, eat, act and live from week to week is quiet different from the last depending on where I am in my cycle. In general though I have a few core fundamentals that I don’t sway by. Minimum 7 hours sleep, move your body everyday, each day spend time outside, drink healthy clean water, nourish my body with nature based foods and love & laugh as much as possible.



What sparked your passion for Ancestral health and Ayurveda?


After living with Leaky Gut for a long time and not being about to find productive support that was helping my body with practitioners I was really pulled to take things back to my roots and get back to how we always use to live.  This lead me down the path of ancestral health, learning about this was fascinating and it reminded me about my learnings from an Ayurvedic Doctor I had over 6 years ago and things just started to really make sense. The passion part came when I realised how easy, simply and deeply effective these principles of ancestral and ayurvedic health are and why not more people were doing them.


Although Ayurveda is a practice that dates back thousands of years ago, over the last year it seems to have exploded into mainstream society. What would you say are the top 5 benefits of living a Ayurvedic lifestyle?


An Ayurvedic lifestyle;


  1. serves your individual body and it’s own unique make up

  2. is not just food/health, rather it is an entire whole body, mind and spirit approach. Something often western practices miss, the “all-in-one” approach.

  3. Creates optimal balance and harmony

  4. Embraces the mind and body connection, how they each effect each other.

  5. supports you to eating foods that uniquely serve you and your body based on where it is today.  Rather than a set meal plan/structure that repeats.



How have you adapted these ancient practices of Ayurveda into today’s modern world and your daily routine?


These principles live within all of us when we are truly body aware. The principles are quiet simple and often so simple people don’t think they’ll work due to how simple they are, yet they do work and consistency is the most important element of all. How consistently you allow your body to best guide you to what it needs. I adapt these principles through how I; eat, start my day; communicate with others; move my body; manage my mind and so much more. This is something an Ayurvedic Coach could guide you to achieving for yourself, your own unique Ayurveda living guides.


Ayurveda is based on the principles of 3 dosha’s, could you please briefly take us through these and what they mean to us as individuals?


Yes. Ayurveda describes the body through 3 different mind/body types, these are called Dosha’s. What people often miss is that you’re never just a single dosha, rather we are a combination of all of the dosha’s and the most important element of getting to know your body is understanding the maha guna’s, not just knowing your singular dosha type. 


The three Dosha’s are classified as Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Earth). 


As individuals similar to how we all have our own genetic make up, we also have our own dosha balance which is specific to us. Knowing your balance point through your dosha’s and maha guna’s can best guide and support you to rebalancing them through both mind and body realignment.


Once someone has identified their individual optimal dosha balance, what would be your top tips for living in your optimal dosa balance?


  1. Anything in excess may cause harm, always choose balance, don’t go overboard.

  2. Eat in reference to what your body is desiring, and know on a daily basis this may be uniquely different.

  3. Move your body in a way that best serves your imbalance. Rest if you require it, or move if you’ve become to stagnant.

  4. Become consistent in learning to connect with your body on a daily basis to allow your body to best guide you to what it most requires.

  5. Don’t force it!  Consistency and compassion are important.  Balance is not a race for the Hare it’s a race always won by the tortuous.


What’s next for Wellsome?


We’ve just launch our new WellWoman program recently which teaches, guides and supports women in getting to know the in’s and out’s of their menstrual cycles. I’m very passionate about teaching women the ancestral ways of living in tune and sync with your cycle and how to do so in a modern world.  And, we’re currently working on making this program suitable and available for teens and tweens as they journey through into their first menstrual years.



Takeaway #1: When you live in tune with your body, connect with her and know what she’s craving you can achieve your own health balance - without restrictions!


Takeaway #2:  An Ayurvedic Lifestyle is not just food/health, rather it is an entire whole body, mind and spirit approach which creates optimal balance and harmony.


Takeaway #3: You’re never just a single dosha, rather we are a combination of all of the dosha’s and the most important element of getting to know your body is understanding the maha guna’s, not just knowing your singular dosha type.


Thank you Jema for taking the time to share all this amazingly valuable information and advice! Make sure to follow the Wellsome's journey on Instagram @wellsome_jemalee




If any of this resonates with you and your keen to get educated and start living a healthier lifestyle which is more connected and in-tune with your body then check out Jema's Wellsome 6 week programs WellSchool and WellWomen! These are intensive educational programs, tailored specifically for you guaranteed to ignite your inner radiance! 


To enrol or receive more information on Wellsome programs email us here


Enjoy lovelies! 



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