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Radical Self Love: How to Love Yourself Unconditionally


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Self Love. We all hear this word floating around a lot, but what really is self love?


Treating yourself to face masks and bubble baths on the daily?! Not quite. Although these are definitely acts of self care, self love goes much deeper than this and we are here today to delve right in and share with you how to begin your journey of self love and regain your power back!

In this weeks edition of her of the week we are joined with self love QUEEN Loren Burton from @selflovewithloren. Loren is a self love and body confidence coach, speaker, model and founder of The Self Care School. Recently featured in Cosmopolitan as winner of the 2018 Cosmo Curve, Loren has gone on to inspire and teach women how to manage their minds and emotions, unlearn toxic thought patterns and retraining their brains to love themselves unconditionally!


Loren gives us an insight into her personal self love journey, what led her on this journey, as well as an insight into her daily self love rituals and so much more!



Tell us a bit about her behind @selflovewithloren?


I’m Loren, a mum of 3 young, active boys all under the age of 9 and wife to my husband of 10 years. I’m a self love and body confidence coach, curvy model and speaker. I have a degree in Science (Psychology) and a masters’ degree in Human Rights, I’ve been working in then mental health space for over 12 years now however I've recently shifted my focus to self love, body positivity and self care. My goal and purpose is now to reach out and teach women about the power of self love, teach them how to unlearn toxic thought patterns and manage their minds and emotions in a way that allows them to love themselves unconditionally!


What sparked your passion for self-love?


I hit rock bottom emotionally when my brother passed away and from then I really started to re-evaluate my life and what I actually wanted out of it. I started questioning if I was being authentically me and the answer to that was..no. I found myself stuck in a toxic spiral of people pleasing and self loathing, to the point where I was blaming everyone around me for my own unhappiness, unfortunately my husband seemed to bear the brunt of this. Once I woke up to what was actually happening, I decided enough was enough and began to take back my power and through that journey, I discovered self love was the answer to this.



Who are your biggest influencers? Who or what inspired you to create The Self Care School?


This would definitely have to be my own life coach, Brooke Castillo, she is such a huge influence for me. She has taught me so much about how to manage my own mind and I love continuing to learn from her. Another big influence in my life is my agent, Chelsea Bonner she is a huge inspiration. She has really taught me to believe in myself again and how to be a trail blazing, unapologetic, bad ass women who can do it all and have it all!


What is your perception of self-love? What does it mean to you?


To me self love is all about taking responsibility. Taking my power back. To me that looks like putting on my big-girl panties and taking responsibility for my own emotions. What I teach in my program are my 4 principles of self love, which are a good starting point for anyone on their self love journey. They are self awareness, self acceptance, self compassion and self care. To me you can’t have self love without these components. These are something I go more in depth about at The Self Care School.


Do you have a daily self-love ritual/s? If so, why and what are they?


Yes absolutely! I find myself still mourning for my brother and I’m still learning how to love without him, so my self love rituals are what get me through the day. Some of them are, waking up early. I wake up at 5.45am 6 days a week. In the morning I like to meditate, give thanks for the day and set my intention for the day. I also like to do a thought download and clear my mind before I start my day. I find myself constantly checking in throughout the day, checking my breathing, what I’m thinking about and how I’m feeling to stay connected to my body and mind.



What are your top tips for women wanting to begin implementing effective self-love practices into their lives?


I think the biggest advice I can give is to be patient with yourself! Just like learning an instrument, self love takes time to learn. It’s not something you can turn around in one week, month or even a year. It really is a life long commitment of honouring yourself. I like to think of self love as a lifestyle.


What's been the biggest changes or benefits that self-love has brought to you?

Self love has absolutely changed my life in every way. It has turned my marriage around in the most amazing way. It’s taken the pressure off my husband to make me happy and it’s made me a much happier mother. I’ve also been able to role model to my boys what it means to be emotionally intelligent and realise their own power. I feel so blessed to be able to teach and inspire women all over the world how to do the same!


If you could add one book into the school curriculum, what would it be and why?


It would have to be 'Undaunted' by Christine Cain. This book was so instrumental in helping me to get out of my own way, overcome fear and be own my power. It’s seriously a must read!


What’s next for you and The Self Care School?


My plan is to keep expanding and spreading the message of self love around the world. I would love to do an American self love tour at the end of 2019. I’m also looking forward to opening a mediation and holistic wellness studio on my property this year.


Takeaway #1: Self love is all about taking responsibility for your own emotions and taking back your power!


Takeaway #2:  Get into the practice of daily self check-ins to keep yourself connected to your body and mind.


Takeaway #3: Be patient and understand self love takes time! It's is a life long commitment and lifestyle to honouring yourself.


Thank you Loren for taking the time to share all this amazingly valuable information and advice! Make sure to follow Loren's journey on Instagram @selflovewithloren




If this resonates with you and your ready to get started with your self love journey check out Loren's program and coaching at The Self Care School. She provides an educational program along with one on one coaching specifically tailored for you and that's guaranteed to ignite your greatness! For more information on this you can email her directly here.


Enjoy lovelies! 



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